Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day calls for something a little special!

How do you change a drab black purse into something totally fabulous (in my opinion at least!) Add a gorgeous flower!!! Here is the before of a purse in my closet:

It works - but gets a little boring, don't ya think?? Todd and I are going to a Valentine's Day dance - a first for us. We usually don't really celebrate, but what the heck, right? He was kind enough to take me to Talbot's today to look for a sweater to wear (he did wait outside in the truck - so I did have to hustle a little!) I found a cute red cardigan with rhinestone buttons and it was on sale! SCORE!!

So, I came home and started thinking about accessories - I love purses. No, seriously it is an addiction. I knew I had this cute little number in the "bin" but it just needed a little something. TADA:
I constructed this "flower" out of some red raw silk fabric I had laying around doing nothing! I hot glued a pin on the back and added it to the purse. I just love it!!! Here is a closer look at the flower. If you want to know how I made it, just let me know!

Ok! Enough posts for today! Happy Valentine's Day.


Ummm, what time did you say it was???

It took awhile, but i realized I had no clock in my craft room - that can be a good and bad thing. Some days you can kinda forget that the kids like to eat meals - within a prescribed time frame!! I will be up there in my room, crafting away, oblivious to the sounds of starving children (yeah right) in the living room! So, to remedy the situation I made this clock. I started with a 10"x10" canvas frame (1/2 price at Joann's) I covered that with fabric (I think this particular piece came from Key West Fabrics) and then topped it all off with a clock kit (also from Joann's - used a coupon for that.) All told I probably spend about $10 to make this!


Sewing supplies organizer

Always looking for your scissors? I made this with a variety of scraps I have laying around. Took all of 30 minutes to throw this together! I think the ruffle on the bottom pocket took the longest.


Have a ball!

I know these glass balls are usually reserved for christmas crafts, but I was bored - stuck inside for the umpteenth day in a row and I decided to play around. I put about 20 drops of Green Galore re-inker from Stampin' up in the ball and swirled it all around. I then added some glittered acrylic paint and swirled that on top of the green color. Turned it upside down and let it dry. I used one of the Sharpie paint pens to paint my name and the polka dots.

Looks cute hanging in my craft room!

I have more posts for today - compilations of crafts during the snow days. Enjoy!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Another snow day?!?!?!?!?!

OK, Seriously, I live in VIRGINIA! This is our 3rd major snow storm of the year - we are all going to be a little stir crazy when this weekend is over. The latest estimates put the snow at possible 36" before all is said and done. Really - 3 feet!! Ugh! On the bright side - i am getting some crafting done. In today's post, I think you will see a trend emerging...It is the "Help me, I need Spring" theme. While all the snow is falling and we can't get out to the craft stores, the grocery stores or anything else for that matter, take a gander at these projects and think about Spring - maybe even summer and enjoy a little picnic in the warm sunshine. Can't you feel it on your skin right now?

Project one was all about the invitation! You are cordially invited to a picnic with me! Let's imagine what we would have in the basket - fried chicken, some coleslaw, biscuits, brownies - some lemonade for the kiddos and perhaps some wine for us big kids. I can hear the kids running around playing a game of wiffle ball. Right?? The stamps, solid papers & buttons I used all came from Papertrey Ink (the ant was a random stamp I have in the collection...and the picnic plaid paper I got a Joanne Fabrics)

Here is a close up of the ants marching across the picnic cloth. I love the "Let's do lunch" bit! I couldn't just leave this as the only picnic related project...I am totally in love with the next one!

Remember the recycling of my kids jeans that I have been doing? Well, I had some random "legs" left and I was trying to figure out what to do with them - so I came up with the cutest little napkin rings!! I got the overall button parts at Joanne's along with some adorable cherry fabric and some large white ric-rac. The red and white checked ribbon is just a random ribbon from my rather extensive stash of ribbons. I just love the way these turned out, can you tell? I added a couple more shots so you can see the cherry fabric too.

Hopefully, I will get some more projects done before the storm is over! Until then,