Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Inspiration

When I saw this picture - I knew I had to replicate in my house, somehow, some way! This is one crafty home decor enthusiast - Her blog - Imperfectly Beautiful has some great things. Here is my inspiration:
While I love the browns and blues - it doesn't really jive in my living room. So I looked around at stuff I had in various rooms and the basement and this is what I have come up with:

When I "finished" (are we ever really finished) I decided it needed a little something extra. I am having a love affair with all things French lately and wanted the look of french linens. Well, you can't just waltz into Joann fabrics and get some french linens - you know! I have looked a little online and the real deal is way out of my league. So, I decided that a little muslin, some tape and red paint will give me the effect I wanted for about $3! I am happy with it (for now!)

Ballard Designs Inspired

I love Ballard Designs. I drool over the catalog when it comes in the mail. Just a special little gift from Mike the mailman. However, I don't know real people who can afford the stuff in there! Seriously - way too pricey. So, what's a girl to do? Improvise! I decided to give the jute covered bottles a go. I have seen others in the blogosphere do it, why can't I??

So, I started with an empty Bombay Gin bottle. Just happened to have a couple of them just laying around. Hmmm....I don't drink Gin! My hubby went to his 2nd home, The Home Depot Sunday morning and made the fatal mistake of asking me if I needed anything, like DUH! Just a little jute! Yes, I had to explain what jute was - he was like "Oh, you mean twine." Well sort of! He ended up coming home with sisal string - which I had to take back for JUTE - it was in the next bin over!!!

So, with a bottle of gin and a pack of jute - a glue gun and a free hour I got to getting and wrapped my bottle. I had a little piece of leftover blue satin ribbon from some other project and thought that the color worked nicely with the color of the bottle. The jewels hanging from the ribbon was actually a piece of an elastic bracelet that I picked up on clearance from Charming Charlies. There are 5 similar parts on my craft room floor waiting for me to do something with them! I really like how it turned out. I guess we need to have a couple more parties so I can get some more bombay gin bottles!!!

Thrift Store treasure

Funky, huh? I saw it at the thrift store and just knew I had to have it. Nothing a little spray paint and fabric couldn't fix?? I was just in one of those moods...make something new out of something old. I have been hooked on watching American Pickers and it just makes you want to go junking. Here are a couple more "before shots."

I ended up paying $45 for the chair - way more than I wanted too - but I knew if I left the chair in the store, I would regret it later. The money goes to the hospice, so it is all for a good cause. Are you ready for the makeover??? Check out this beauty!

Like it? Now tell me, why do I only have boys in my house??