Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Entering a little later in the game

My first post, my first would think that as a librarian living in a web 2.0 world that I would have started blogging long ago! Better late than never. I am not even sure why to start blogging...saving my thoughts, arts & crafts for all of eternity - we have become a rather ego-centric world haven't we!

Some background...I am the mother of two great boys - Cody (10) & Jonathan (6) and the wife to a great guy - Todd. We have the world's meanest cat - Shula and a very cute and very young black lab puppy named Zeb. I will have to post pictures of everyone later. I get paid to work in a government library and I do really like being a librarian. But I LOVE doing crafts - pretty much crafts of any kind - except making jewelry - my mom has the market cornered on that!

I tend to flit back and forth on my focus and have really gotten back into stamping. That is really what led me to start blogging. It is really a place to post pics of all the cute crafts you make that no one but you really ever sees. If there are other crafters out there like me, they make things and then decide that they can't part with it...the intended recipient would never fully appreciate all the time and thought you put into it, LOL.

I will just have to see where this blog leads me. Maybe just a place for me to collect my thoughts, ideas, crafts, stories about my kids and animals that no one really wants to hear out loud!

Anyways, welcome to my blog.

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