Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weekend Fun & more to come!

I had SO much fun this past weekend - getting to hang out with my girls and doing crafts!! What could be better. It was so great that my pal, Lisa was able to make the trip. Turned out to be a really great time. My stamping party turned out to be around $500 so I was able to get ALOT of stuff (in addition to the $$ I spent on my non-hostess order!)

I haven't been crafting too much this week - with a husband with the flu - YUCK - and a long week at work, I have been too tired. I need to get the Valentine's day stuff finished this weekend. I am halfway there. I have to remember to take some pictures tonight to post. The matching desk sets that I have done so far are really cute. (If I do say so myself - barf!)

Hold your breath - the pictures will be here soon.

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