Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sick day crafts

I guess there is something to be said about being home with a sick kid, I got some crafting done! Cody is now old enough not to want to sit on my lap all day when he doesn't feel good. As a matter of fact, he just took over the recliner and watched t.v. all day - in between his naps, that is! Ok...on to the good stuff.

This was the first project of the day. I bought these frames at either Michaels or Joanne months ago. They came in a 4 pack and I think I maybe paid $4 for them. I dug into my massive button supply and just started gluing. I needed a perfect frame for the picture my 8year old drew for me. In the picture, he is wearing a shirt with an arrow pointing to me that says "I love her." I have a shirt with an arrow pointing to him saying "I love him." He also added a picture of Yogi Bear and Boo Boo bear. So cute!!

When I finished that, I was so proud of myself I decided to try something else...

Here are the "ingredients" I used a small jar from some Classico Pesto sauce and some scraps of fabric, foam and batting to get the project under way - oh, and of course the very important hot glue gun!!

I cut out some circles of foam and glued them to the lid of the jar. Next, I cut a circle of batting and started gluing the batting on top of the foam - pulling a little tightly to make it "pouf."

After that, I glued the circle of pink fabric to the batting, trimmed it all pretty and tied it up with some striped grosgrain ribbon. What do you think about my productive day???

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