Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Banner

I am not a big decorator of all the holidays - the biggies, yeah...but Valentine's Day usually doesn't make the cut around my house. But, we have a snow day and I had some great supplies laying around with nothing to do - so, why not! Here is what I used to make my "Be Mine" Valentine's Day banner.

First up was the red jute/burlap - I got mine from Joanne Fabric - in the remnants bin...
Can you believe the price!! I only used about 1/8 of a it was about $ .30 worth of burlap!

I made a pattern out of vellum paper - I used the size of a small paperback book at my template. Here are the dimensions -
I cut out 6 "flags" to use for my banner. Next, I reverted back to my childhood - and tracing, using the window as my lightbox. I cut each letter from the paper and taped it to the window and then taped a "flag" over that and using the handy, dandy sharpie - traced away!

It only took a couple of minutes to trace each letter. After I pulled it off the window I went back over each letter to make sure it was really covered by the sharpie. When I had all of my letters lined up, I felt that it needed a little more on to the next set of supplies - glue and ribbon...
I glued ribbon around the edges just to finish it off. I am not good with fuzzy edges - so I also used fraycheck on the ends of the ribbons, just to make sure! Once I had it all done, I got out the jute string and created the final banner. I also made the heart out of some other scraps I had laying around. Who knows, I may start decorating for all the holidays now! Here are the final shots:

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