Monday, April 4, 2011

My Mom Cave - be careful, if you fall in...

My creativity hit a wall...I couldn't figure out why? That is until I looked around my craft room and then, it all became abundantly clear.

No one is capable of being creative in this mess...The pictures that follow may scare you - they sure did me. I was overwhelmed for so long. But, one box at a time, I finally have a clear space to work! Here are the scary "Before" shots:

As I got going - things got a lot worse...

Do you have chills running up and down your spine yet? I seriously felt like they could come and film an episode of Hoarders right here in my craft room. My husband made the mistake of stopping by to see my progress. He ran, screaming from the room. My 13 yr old just said "oh, wow." Have you seen most 13 yr old boy's bedrooms? He could still find the nerve to say that about my room. Ugh.

To save some dignity - here are just a few quick shots of the new and improved closet space. The rest of the room is pretty clean too - but the creative juices caught up with me and I started a new project before I could take pictures.

So, for now - my closet is uber organized - every sort of craft in a corner of its own. We will see how long it will last!

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