Monday, January 2, 2012

First Project of 2012

Meet Mr. Snowman!
He is here to wish you all a very happy 2012 - filled with peace and love! I first saw the beginnings of Mr. Snowman when I visited Amy Power's Blog - Inspire Co. and saw the instructions of how to make one. It looked liked something that I could pull off - so I gave it a try.

I found the paper clay at all the major craft retailers - Joann's, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc. I think the hardest part was making a face that wasn't scary!! When I completed my snowman, had him painted and dried - I decided to "age" him a little and put an antiquing glaze all over the finished product. I also didn't want him to be an ornament - but rather a shelf sitter to go with the rest of my snowman collection - so I made him a little base to sit in.

All in all a success...I think he is quite handsome!

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