Monday, December 20, 2010

Homemade Holiday - the gifts! Part 1

A pillow for Jackson! My nephew is a cowboys fan, God love him! It hurt my hands a little to touch this fabric, but I pushed through the pain and created this pillow for him as one of his Christmas gifts. This boy is an amazing kid - the struggles that he has had to endure and he has fought through make him an inspiration.

At four months old, Jackson contracted meningitis. We almost lost him - but he hung on and fought! He came away from that experience with some real challenges - loss of hearing, some brain damage and some real physical challenges...but that didn't stop Jackson.

This is a picture of Jackson this spring playing baseball for our Little League's Challenger division. He is an amazing kid, I love him dearly and this little pillow is just a small token of how much I love him! Jackson has a lot of struggles still to face and his health is a question every day - every sniffle can send him back to the emergency room - but he is a true fighter and a hero!

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