Friday, December 17, 2010

Homemade Holidays Part 2

Yesterday I showed you the sheet music NOEL frames that I created for my 1 (so far!) holiday display. Today, I want to show off my toile candles. These were super easy to make - and because I got carried away, I didn't stop to take pictures of the process. There are many, many, many tutorials on how to make these candles - so don't stress! I purchased the candles and the tissue paper from Hobby Lobby. I started with the plain cream candle, cut the tissue paper to size, then grabbed the heat gun from my supply cabinet and went to work.

It really only takes a few seconds of the heat gun heating the paper to get a thin layer of wax to form around the tissue paper. I think i finished the two candles in less than 10 minutes. I love that they look great for the holidays - but the toile is not holiday specific and I can use them again later!!!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I love how your candle turned out.