Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gift from Grandma

See my little 2 or 3 year old self. I have no idea when this picture was taken or what me and my older brother were doing - but it was definitely at Grandma's house. I know that because I was clutching her porcelain doll. I had always loved that doll. I wanted to hold her and carry her around wherever I went and my grandmother let me...I only hope that I can do the same when I have grandkids!

I don't ever remember if my cousin and I fought over her - we were only 3 months apart (she being the older of the two of us) - and the only girls in a sea of boys! I don't recall her holding the same fascination - maybe she did?? But as we got older and my grandmother began parsing out family heirlooms, Lisa (being the older and therefore first granddaughter) got the doll. I can tell you that I was green GREEN green with envy.

Many years have passed since that all took place and my cousin agreed that she never held the same fascination that I did - and agreed that this doll needed to come and live with me! Isn't she beautiful.

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