Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation 2008

This picture says it all! Head for the Ocean. Jonathan spelled it out in the sand and that is where you could find us for the whole week we were in Myrtle Beach. Once again, we had the best weather possible - it was in the 80s and sunny all week. No rain, no extreme heat, just absolutely beautiful.

The boys were trying to "capture" teeny tiny sand crabs here. They weren't fast enough - the crabs were very happy about that. They did get a little mad, however, and one of their bigger, stronger brothers paid Jonathan back with a nice bite on the bottom of his foot. He hightailed it out of the water pretty quickly!

Surfer Boy Jonathan. He didn't do as well on the waves this year as last - but he still had fun trying.

Cody, taking a break after several hours on the beach and in the pool. He much prefers the pool - but really he would take either!

Jonathan will do just about anything for a laugh!
Hey - I was on vacation with my family - this picture proves it. This is the only picture of me though.
We really had a great time and I look forward to going back again. Maybe next year we will be able to take Zeb! That would be a treat. Rotten dog!

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